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Remote Custom Canine Aromatherapy Consultation

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How it works:

Once you purchase the service, you’ll receive an electronic form to fill out about your dog and the specific issue(s) you are looking to address through the use of essential oils. Once you submit the form, you’ll receive the following via email:

  • Personalized recommendations on 1-3 essential oils to use on your dog and why those were chosen
  • How to introduce your dog to essential oils safely
  • When and where to use the essential oils on your dog
  • How much of the essential oils to use, and how to dilute the oils and create a blend for your dog
  • A link to purchase the essential oils from a reputable company (the consultation price does not include essential oils for your use). I do not participate in multi-level marketing, pyramid scheme essential oil companies. The essential oil suppliers I use produce wild crafted or organic essential oils that are ethically sourced without the use of pesticides or poor farming practices. Not all essential oils are created equal. If I wouldn’t use it on my own dogs, I would never recommend it. All essential oil suppliers I use showcase their GC MS (Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry) reports in addition to the farming method, country of origin, and plant part to ensure no fillers or added chemicals are ever in the essential oils you or I would use on our beloved dogs.

Refunds are not granted after 48 hours. No exceptions.