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Custom Blend

Custom Blend

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Dogs and horses can greatly benefit from custom aromatherapy just as much as humans can, if not more, as dogs are very sensitive to smells. When using essential oils therapeutically they can have a great effect on our animal companions. Whether you are seeking help with training, curbing anxiety or a specific medical issue, a custom blend to fit your dog's needs is a fabulous way to provide additional wellness support. 

Upon purchase, you will be sent a form to fill out so I can best craft a custom essential oil blend for your dog. As a Certified Animal Aromatherapist, I take my time to ensure the utmost safety and appropriate oils are used for your dog's specific needs. You will also receive in-depth instructions on how to use the custom blend along with essential oil profiles and information for the oils selected.

All blends are 5ml and a little goes a long way!